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About Our Minting Service

Our ultimate goal is to lower the barrier to adoption and enable anyone to create their own blockchain assets to use however they wish.

Blockchain assets suit a multitude of use cases, including collectibles, gaming items, souvenirs, mementos, discounts, and achievements. The potential functions of this technology are currently only limited by the imagination.

ERC-1155 tokens created using this service will be fully supported by the Enjin Wallet. You and your community, friends, and customers will be able to receive, send, trade, hold them forever, or even melt them back into Enjin Coin (ENJ).

Feel free to get creative—new use cases are always welcome. Together, we can break down the barriers to adoption and prove that the blockchain is here to stay.

Minting Parameters

Fungible: Minimum 10 per batch
Non-Fungible: Maximum 100 per batch
Maximum Spend per Batch: $300.00
Minting Fee: $20
Price for ENJ-backing: $0.30 per ENJ

ENJ-backing represents the amount of Enjin Coin your items are backed with. Backing items with ENJ is the perfect way to guarantee their value to anyone who receives them.

Holders of ENJ-backed items can choose to melt their items down at any time to retrieve the Enjin Coin from within.

Assets backed with a large amount of Enjin Coin have a reputation for being significant items with high intrinsic value.

Advanced Options: The Blockchain SDK by Enjin is a software development kit for Unity (game engine) that enables developers to mint their own blockchain assets that feature advanced settings such as Item Categories, Maximum Supply, Supply Type, Melt Fee %, Bound/Transferable, Transfer Fee, Fee Per Item/Transfer. These options are not customizable through this on-demand minting service.

If you would like to create custom branded tokens for enterprise purposes, please contact us.